WGAS Motorsports has produced more shows each year throughout the West, plus we have had several Network Television shows. These programs were filmed during and around our events, and included the National Geographic Network’s –“The Universe” and

Size Matters;” two programs on the Speed Network for “Stunt Busters;” the HD Network with “Deadline” and the Discovery Network; “Jay Leno’s Garage”–as well as cameo appearances in several other programs including: “Build-Destroy-Build,” “Kids Choice Awards,” “The Bachelor”. “Operation Repo” and many local news networks, newspapers and magazines. The WGAS Team is proud of our years of success.

WGAS Motorsport Entertainment, LLC, was founded by John Borba.​​  After his humble beginnings growing up on a dairy farm in central California, John Borba took his passion for tractor pulling to little fields and county fair arenas around California in the early seventies before starting a monthly newspaper dedicated to pulling.  John watched as the popularity of the paper grew to global proportions, selling subscriptions to avid fans of the sport all over the world.

It was a natural progression – and one encouraged by those around him – to begin promoting pulling events, and his company produced its first major tractor pull in Salinas, California, featuring for the first time pullers from out of state. He also produced his first indoor show – the World Finals – at the Cow Palace (famous venue in California where Elvis Presley and many others have performed).

Over the next 20 years, John and company produced large-scale truck and tractor pull tours, producing shows as far away new ground, integrating into their show’s extreme sports like Monster Trucks, Free Style Moto X, Bull Riding, Jousting, Transformers, Tuff Truck Racing, Mud Drag Racing ,Transformers and Demolition Derby.

John Borba has produced events in over thirty states including Hawaii as well as in Canada, Mexico and Japan.  His company was the first to bring motorsport events to Mile High Stadium, Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Candlestick Park and Aloha Stadium.  He was the first to bring tractor and truck pulls indoors at the Denver Coliseum, the Cow Palace, the Salt Palace, Thomas & Mack, Lower Events Center, and many more.

Through the years Borba has set the standard for arena and stadium events in both production and safety.  Over the years, regarding insurance, both WGAS Motorsports and WGAS Motorsport Entertainment, LLC, have operated at a zero loss.  John Borba actually set many of the standards that are used today for safety by the NTPA, PTPA, CTPA, MTRA.

In 2010 Lloyd Massey joined the WGAS Family full time as its Official Voice.  He soon became the President and intricate part of WGAS Motorsports.

In 2015 John Borba handed over the reins of the Company to both his daughter, Chelsea Kessler, and President, Lloyd Massey. Together this dynamic and talented duo proceeded to set the Motorsports world on fire!  This extraordinary relationship of respect flourished until  Lloyd’s untimely and tragic death in March of 2016.

​ In 2018, WGAS Motorsports welcomed our new Event Coordinator, Eric Brown.  Eric has been key in helping WGAS present the best demolition derbies in the past, and now he is helping to produce many of our events.

Today WGAS Motorsport Entertainment, LLC, produces events for fairs and organizations throughout the Western United States, with a few new locations in the near future.  For over thirty-five years John Borba still has the utmost respect for the industry that has fulfilled his life.
John Borba,  along with his wife (Sharlene Borba) and  daughter (Chelsea Kessler) and the entire WGAS Crew, continues as always to provide quality affordable motor sports entertainment for the entire family.


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The WGAS Motorsports team is proud of many years of success.


Our CEO Chelsea Kessler and Founder John Borba

chelsea kessler ceo wgas motorsports john borba chairman



Always in our hearts, our President Lloyd Massey (1987-2016)

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